Excelsior Deposit

Western Australia

The Excelsior deposit is hosted within a sequence of tightly folded and sheared ultramafic/sedimentary schists within the Excelsior shear zone. Gold mineralisation occurs in a broad 20 to 50 metres wide zone of altered quartz-sericite-carbonate schists.

The Excelsior shear is a major north-northwest trending structure up to 80 metres wide and extending for over 6 kilometres to the north and potentially 15 kilometres to the south of the Excelsior deposit within the Project tenements. Satellite resources at Lochinvar, Three Star and Ellen Pearce to the north and at Castlereagh, Parkerville and Snibbo to the south demonstrate the potential for additional gold resources along the shear.

The Excelsior deposit has a current JORC Resource of 11.3Mt @ 0.97g/t Au for 354koz of contained Au.

Isometric view of Excelsior deposit (looking down towards the NE) of wireframe interpretation of main lode systems