We are pleased to share Bardoc's inaugural Environmental, Social and Governance Document for 2020. As the Company advances the Bardoc Gold Project from exploration to development and operations, the Company will continue to review and align its ESG reporting with industry guidelines as appropriate.

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The United Nations introduced 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2016. They are described as “a to-do list for people and planet….” While there are limits to what a small Australian company can achieve, Bardoc acknowledges the importance of the SDGs to our combined future. In this report, we highlight where we believe we can play a role and, through our actions, we can make a difference.

Voluntary Alignment

Select UN SDGs have been cited throughout this document. While there are global targets sitting underneath each goal – the SDGs can be localised to address specific issues that are relevant in a local and corporate context that work to contribute to the global effort.

Bardoc has identified how it currently aligns with some of the UN’s SDGs and also identifies opportunities for the Company to integrate some of its future goals with that of the UN’s SDGs. Our long term objective is to develop a culture which embraces sustainability and contributes in a small way to the overall effort of global sustainable development.